Monday, April 9, 2012

09 APR 12

I'm a fan of The Beatles. . . the early Beatles. . .
their later work (?). . . not so much.
Neither do I care for the songs written by either
Lennon or McCartney after the break-up of the group.
Whatever magic that was at work when they were a
song-writing duo disappeared when they went solo.

I've always, especially, disliked Lennon's song, "Imagine."
I've finally found somebody who agrees with me and
isn't afraid of offending the "Saint John" fan base.

From music critic, Ben Shapiro (Writing for Breitbart's Big Hollywood):
"Imagine,"  by John Lennon. There are no words for how. . . terrible this song is; Kurt Schlichter has done a masterful job of epically fisking this small shard of utter and complete rubbish. First, the aesthetics.  It begins with some pretentious piano chords to set the mood: this will be a deep song. Lennon sings it in cloyingly whiny fashion, like a schoolgirl who has discovered that there are starving people in Africa for the first time. It's vomit-inducing bad.
And the music itself is not just unspectacular, it's blase. 
It commits the worst musical sin:
it is completely boring. 

Amen, Brother.

                                    The Beatles, as I choose to remember them.
The first Beatle's song that my, then, band ever played:



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