Monday, January 9, 2012

09 JAN 12


In my life, I'd not had many chances to put down permanent roots.
Almost, but never quite.
My own fault... or fate... can't say.
In the end, it doesn't matter.
Che sera sera.

1952 - Saint Martin Of Tours Grammar School, Philadelphia, PA
1955 - Ethel M. Burke Grammar School, Bellmawr, NJ
1957 - Sacred Heart Grammar School, Camden, NJ
1960 - Bishop Eustace Prep. School, Pennsauken, NJ
1961 - Triton Regional High School, Runnemede, NJ
1964 - Haddon Heights High School, Haddon Heights, NJ

1966 - Fort Dix, NJ
1966 - Fort Devens, MA
1967 - 8th Radio Research Field Station, Phu Bai, Vietnam
1968 - Vint Hill Farm Station, Warrenton, VA
1968 - Fort Devens, MA
1969 - 14th Army Security Agency Field Station, Hakata, Japan
1971 - Fort Devens, MA
1972 - Vint Hill Farm Station, Warrenton, VA
1973 - Army Security Agency Field Station, Berlin, Germany

After duty with Field Station Berlin, I worked as a civilian for the U.S. Forces in Berlin for 9 years, beginning in 1979. (With both the Army and Air Force... not the Navy. Theirs was a two-person liaison office in no need of outside help.) I was in Berlin a total of 14 years. Left, for good, in 1987.

After Berlin:
1987 - Bow, NH
1989 - Dresden, ME
1990 - Bethel, CT
1993 - Mahopac, NY
2012 - Mahopac, NY

It's been near twenty years since I settled in Mahopac.
I've now 8 grandchildren.
It would appear that I've finally managed to put down permanent roots.

                                                   ( a travelin' man. )


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  1. Though you managed "to put your roots down" you are definitely a citizen of the world. We need more people like you :-)