Sunday, January 22, 2012

22 JAN 12

The once and future gig...

Today's gig at Museum Village has been cancelled.
We've been done in by snow and cold.
(No one showed up to plow the parking lot or shovel the walks.)
Our next scheduled appearance there is March 4th.
There may be other venues looking for some jazz music
on a Sunday afternoon.
The organizer promises to inquire.

On another note...
Today is the last NFL play-off day.
The Giants are in San Francisco to play the 49ers...
the winner goes to the Super Bowl.
It should be a good game.
(Though that's not always the case.)

I'm movin' slow and keepin' low today.
Had a bad reflux attack last night...
forced me to spend the night sitting up in my recliner.
I'm never worth a damn the day after that happens to me.
(Am kinda, sorta glad that the gig was cancelled.)

Kickin' back and watching "The Glen Miller Story"
on TV. Hard to believe, today, that at the beginning of
his career, Glen Miller's music was considered to be radical. 
"Moonlight Serenade" and "String Of Pearls"... radical??

The Giants are going to the Super Bowl!
They beat the 49ers, in overtime, 20 - 17.
Bring on the Patriots.


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