Thursday, January 26, 2012

26 JAN 12

Television commercials and such...

I'm starting with the premise
that ALL commercials are lies.

Some commercials are funny.
Some are serious in nature.
Most are just plain stupid.
But, they all tell lies that we're expected to believe.

I'd like to do away with that GEICO pig on the zip line.
(Pulled pork sandwiches would be nice.)
Does anybody understand what it is the pig says?

H&R Block is now offering "free" basic tax returns.
For-profit businesses can't make money by giving away services.
There has to be some catch in the agreement that we're not being
told about. (They lie!

Some commercials are works of art...
they condense an entire tale and squeeze it
into a 30 second film.
Witness this piece for T. J. Maxx:

           T. J. Maxx Commercial

(The first time I saw this ad I thought it to be great theater.)

                                                              The GEICO antidote!


For those who don't know... GEICO is an acronym.
It stands for, "Government Employees Insurance COmpany.
I used their services once... I was leaving Japan in 1971.
Their insurance was inexpensive and available to government employees only.
Being in the military qualified me as a "government employee."
GEICO was sold in a small broker's office in the local town of Saitozaki.
(I have memory of an unpaved street, unpainted wooden structure, 2 steps up from the street to a small dim office, a square GEICO decal in the window.)
I purchased 3 months of coverage on the 1968 Pontiac I'd just bought... enough to cover the car until I reached home. The car would be aboard ship for the first 4 weeks of the policy.

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