Saturday, January 21, 2012

21 JAN 12

Let it snow...

Saturday Morning Weather:
Twenty degrees and snow.
Small flakes, falling fast.
Accumulation, as of now, about 4 inches.

Traffic, on the road in front of my house, almost non-existent.
A town plow-truck has made a pass or two.

3:30 in the afternoon and the snow has stopped falling.
Looks to be just over 4 inches accumulation.

4:30 and the fellow who plows my driveway has come and gone.

Decided to have an early supper...
heated a fresh-made spinach quiche, bought yesterday.
Served it with sliced Black Forest ham... a bit of wine.
All and all... a satisfying day despite being housebound.

It's now evening... after dinner... and through the window the world looks frosted...
cool and clean. Though it's past Christmas, I'm reminded of a Christmas season
in Berlin. We lived in a mixed German/American neighborhood.
The Germans decorated their trees and shrubs with candle-shaped white lights.
There was no snow on the ground at the start of that December.
When it finally did snow, less than 1/2 an inch fell.
Then it snowed again... another 1/2 inch.
It snowed nearly every day thereafter, in small increments, until Christmas Eve.
Every tree-light became encrusted... encased inside a snowy little igloo.
The trees all took on an ethereal presence... diffused lights glowing softly in the dark.
It was beautiful... a fairy world... a pleasure to come home to each night.
It only occurred that one year. (I think it was 1981.)

                                                                ( Ghosts of... )


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