Saturday, January 28, 2012

28 JAN 12

The Balcony...
... is open.
Just finished watching "Real Steel."
Had high hopes for this film after watching
the trailers. I do like Hugh Jackman.
Anyone who can jump from playing an action
hero (Wolverine) to playing a gay entertainer
(Peter Allen), and do so, convincingly, must have
some acting chops. Evangeline Lily was a wasted
talent... cast in a throw-away roll. Her part could
have been played by anyone with a pulse.
(Could've, easily, been a male role.)
The kid, Dakota Goyo, was pretty good...
but a bit too precocious for my taste.
Don't know that any 10-year-old could,
toe-to-toe, trash-talk a hard core
underground fight promoter.
The one great thing about the film was
the CGI robots.
They seemed to be "real" in each and
every scene.

Hats off!

But one has to wonder...
how many times are they going to re-make


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