Wednesday, January 18, 2012

18 JAN 12

Much ado...

Paula Deen has type-2 diabetes.
She is coming under fire for having kept it a secret while still pushing out Southern-style recipes... recipes that call for butter and sugar in copious amounts.

I say, "So what?"

I am diabetic (type-2) and I've come to know, intimately, what I can and cannot eat.
I would know to avoid most everything Ms Deen uses as major ingredients.
I've avoided most sweets and desserts for the past ten years.
(Point of fact... Dunkin' Donuts make me ill... just the smell of them.)
Generally, how I feel on any particular day depends on my own actions...
that's as it should be. Any diabetic who follows a Paula Deen recipe exactly,
then eats the resulting meal, deserves the consequences.

Last month, my daughter brought us a Moravian Sugar Cake,
picked up on a trip to North Carolina. Had never before heard of it
but, apparently, it's very popular in the southern states.
Curious, I ate two pieces... was sick for the entire night.
My own fault... not the fault of the bakery that made the cake.

                                   ( Sugar is also a lyric. )


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