Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Poem: Prayer

Ironic... this was written by a professed agnostic... me!

(Don't think one can ever shake being taught by Dominican nuns in a Catholic school.)

A drear day in November,
The sky mottled gray.
Autumn's leaves have all fallen,
It's a raw winter's day.
The landscape is barren,
Stripped now and bare.
On such days I do wonder...
Does God truly care?

If His eye's on the sparrow,
Can His gaze include me?
In the dark of November,
What can God really see?
If I kneel, begin praying:
"Beg Your pardon, my Lord..."
Will He hear what I'm saying?
Will my prayer be ignored?

Were I sure He would listen,
Consider my plight;
I could turn away easy,
Not dread coming night.
Oh, this dark of November,
It does take it's own toll;
As I search and I flounder,
Seeking peace for my soul.

-- Joseph Welsh (1996)

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