Monday, January 23, 2012

23 JAN 12 (Part 2)

Once upon a day most dreary...

A drab day was today.
A day of drizzle, melting snow, fog.
I spent the day doing nothing... except some thinking.
It occurred to me that the world of social media can be pretty amazing.
How large is that world?
How many people does it encompass?
How may they all be interconnected?

I'd joined facebook.
Then I joined a group of veterans who'd served at Field Station Berlin. From that group, I was friended by one Jeannie Callaghan. Through her, I met Diana M. Rodriguez and Terre Spencer.
Diana led me to Don Carr, who happened to be a friend of Kathleen Welker, a friend I once worked with in Berlin, while with the Adjutant General's Office. Diana also led me to Anne Touraine, a recent immigrant from France, who happens to be a friend of Susan Zumwalt Boden, who attended high school in Juneau, Alaska and graduated with Dixie Belcher. Dixie attended college with my former wife and had vacationed with us, in Europe, several times. I managed to connect with Tony Nino, who'd worked with my ex wife in Berlin and who I hadn't seen since 1974 (?). I also found, and connected to, some people that I'd served with in the ASA. Among these: Ken Bargerhuff and Lenny Nezuch, Leland Thorpe. Pretty amazing... when you consider that I managed all this and never left my living room.


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