Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11 JAN 12

Some ado ...
Just seen on the evening newscast:
"Hostess Cakes files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy."
Can't get too excited here.
Never developed a taste for their products... not that I didn't try.
They were less expensive than the snack cakes I usually bought.
TASTYKAKE produced a much better product
and I loved their blueberry pie.
Twinkies just made me queasy.
For years, TASTYKAKE products were sold only
in the Philadelphia area.
They've expanded their market.
I can buy them here now (NY), in local stores.
I don't.
I'm diabetic and don't indulge in sweets anymore.
But I can remember just how good it used to be ...
to paraphrase "The Great One," Jackie Gleason,
"How sweet it was!"

                                       Another favorite of mine, Butterscotch Krimpets

                                                                              ( Yum! )


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