Sunday, January 15, 2012

15 JAN 12

"Baby, it's cold outside..."

According to the thermometer on my back deck,
it's 10 degrees this morning.
That's the coldest it's been around here since last year.
I'm thinking that it's another stay-in-the-house type of day.

Today is, also, another NFL play-off Sunday.
On this day (around here, anyway) it's Giants vs. Packers.
My gut tells me that the Packers will win...
but after seeing the sudden improvement in the
Giant's running game, anything is possible.
("... on any given Sunday..." and all that.)

Did I say "on any given Sunday?"
With 6 1/2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, the Giants are ahead 30 to 13.
'Twould seem my gut feeling about the Pack was all wrong.
(So much for becoming a prognosticator.)

Giants Win, 37 - 20 !

California, here we come...


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