Thursday, January 19, 2012

19 Jan 12

People are talking...

There's lots of comment being published about the "Arab Spring."
What's actually happening is... dictatorial governments are being
overthrown and replaced by... dictatorial governments.
New regimes mean we must reappraise our foreign policy.
Whom do we befriend?
What do we embargo? ...and all that sort of stuff.
State will be busy for the next decade or so, sorting it all out.
That's what they do.

Why are we trying to drag these medieval cultures into the 21st century?
We pay attention to the Middle East because of Oil.
Were we self-sufficient, we could tell the various Muslim Brotherhoods,
who seem to be taking charge there, to go pound sand.

Has there ever been a wider cultural gap than the one between a society that
gives the lash to women for being found in the company of unrelated males
and a society that gives women the chance to go into space to live and work
among unrelated males?


On a related topic:
It's been reported that vast reserves of oil have been found here in the U.S.
and Canada. Drilling for these reserves should be explored...
but keep in mind that while we humans can survive without oil...
we cannot long survive without clean drinking water.
Tread softly here... do not rush in.

                                                   ( Frack it... but carefully )

(...and why is N.O.W. not screaming their heads off in any of the public forums?)

From the book, "Pompeii: A Novel" by Robert Harris: 
"A good aquarius, his father had said, should know more than just the solid laws
of architecture and hydraulics -- he should have a taste, a nose, a feel for water,
and for the rocks and soils through which it had passed on its journey to the
surface. Lives might depend on this skill." 

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