Friday, January 20, 2012

20 JAN 12

Second gig coming up...
again, on a Sunday at the Museum Village
...and, once again, there's snow predicted for the Saturday before.
Cold and snow... attendance may be low.
I'm just hoping the propane heaters are up and working this time.

Politics and TV...
It's a Friday morning.
My wife's watching the Wendy Williams Show on the kitchen TV.
Wendy's guest is Jesse Jackson.
I'm paying scant attention...
am busy reading.

What I, slowly, become aware of:

Jackson brought along a gift-wrapped box of Twinkies.
Jackson is hand-feeding a Twinkie to Wendy and somehow equating that
action with the Civil Rights Movement and the re-election of Barak Obama. (??)
(Not at all sure how the one equates with the other two. If I have the chance,
I'll catch the show again at it's afternoon showing and pay attention to the particulars.)

Didn't see Wendy's afternoon show... was out food shopping.

Etta James has died.
She'll be missed.

                                          ( "here we are, in heaven" )


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