Thursday, July 14, 2011

01 NOV 09

We had a gig Halloween night... The Midnight Blues, I mean.
The place was a tony restaurant in Newtown, CT... The Inn.
We were in the downstairs bar, called Proud Mary's.
All was well until near the end of the third set.
Then the bass man, Rob, sat down in the middle of a song.
While seated on his amp, he attempted to keep playing but he ended up staring at the floor, doing nothing. I caught the eye of the waitress, who was dressed as a nurse, and since the "costume" seemed real, I asked if she was, indeed, a nurse who was moonlighting as a waitress. She was that. She looked Rob over and advised us to call an ambulance. We did. The last I saw of Rob, he was joking with the nurses in the ER while his brother filled out some paperwork.

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