Wednesday, July 13, 2011

18 AUG 09

A normal day, today was.
Had appointments for most of the afternoon at the VA hospital.
There was a typical "big organization" SNAFU.
Was scheduled for a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) at 1:00 PM.
Showed up early (at the Pulmonary Clinic) at 12:30.
Check-In Office was closed for lunch... 'til 1:00.
Sat in waiting room 'til then.
Actually checked in at 1:05.
Returned to waiting room... which was two doors down the hall.
Sat, reading and watching TV 'til 2:00 PM.
Went back to Check-In and asked why I was still waiting for a 1:00 appointment.
Was told that my appointment (with the pulmonary doctor) wasn't until 2:30.
"No," says I... "I had a one o'clock!"
The nurse checked the computer... Viola!
I did have a 1:00 PM appointment for a Pulmonary Function Test.
BUT... PFT's were not given in the Pulmonary Clinic!
No... they were administered in the CARDIOLOGY Department.
And, I had missed mine!
Well, shame on me. Who'da thunk it?
LUNG tests given by the HEART people...
who's offices were located three floors down.
(Lots of mumbled cursing at this point.)
I'd driven just over an hour to be there and now would have to reschedule.

Life in the slow lane.


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