Thursday, July 14, 2011

15 JUL 10

I haven't been playing.
I think the band (The Midnight Blues) has come to
the end of it's being... at least in this iteration.
That's too bad.
I think there's still potential.
There are songs that Joey has written,
and that I haven't posted here, that could
have gone Top Forty... IMOHO.
Joey is now heavily involved with his business.
He owns a power-washing company.
He's working hard, chasing daylight.
He's a father now.
That salient fact makes a difference in his attitude.
Jamie is moving back to AZ, for keeps this time.
Johnny's gone... playing with other bands.
(He's a great guitar player but always considered
himself to be no more than a "hired gun.")
Rob now works at his day job earning a commission
vice being paid a salery, so he has to spend a lot
more time looking for income.
Me... I just flat have no energy.
I'm living with the beginnings of heart failure.
My one big question is, should I push myself
hard to make it through this lassitude
and hope the meds will help me make it
to the other side?


I found these recordings in my sound files and uploaded them.
The Midnight Blues, playing The Georgetown Saloon
and the New Fairfield Car Show a couple years back.
If they still made 45's I'd put "I Don't Cry" on the "A" side
and "Down The Track" on the "B" side.

I think it would be a hit... or am I full of it??

I think I was wrong about the band breaking up.
Here's The Midnight Blues (with Big Ed Heinzinger on drums,)
playing a new song from Joey, "A Man Like Me."
Good tune. . .

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