Wednesday, July 13, 2011

17 JUN 09

Been 10 days... time does fly.

Played the Georgetown gig Sunday.
Set up on a flat-bed trailer at the south end of the street.
The flooring was multiple sheets of plywood, which left just one flat area big enough to fit a drum set. So, we ended up arrayed in line abreast across the front edge of the stage.
This was OK until we began playing... had a big monitor speaker blasting Joey's guitar into my right ear. I'm usually sitting behind the other two and rely on my own small moniter to keep track of Joey's singing so that we stay in sync. Yesterday, I could feel my ear drum pulsing with his chords. I didn't have my ear plugs with me. I endured instead. Mistake. Today, I have a persistant ringing in my right ear that echoes every word I speak. Very annoying.
Lesson: ALWAYS have your ear plugs with you!
Same gig, different topic... there was a young woman in the crowd. She was with a group of people waiting to hear the act following us. She was spectacular. (In every way.) Rob kept pointing her out to me, saying how he was "in love." The problem here... Rob falls in love at least once each gig. He needs to find a girl friend, soonest. I'll give him credit though... he's stopped smoking and has begun a diet to lose weight.
End result... it was a good day, a good gig. We were tight, drew a small crowd and held them awhile before the street fair coaxed them away to sample wares.
The biggest boon... got complimented by the sound crew. They were pros, hired by Georgetown for the event. They said they'd been forced to listen to a bunch of amateur noise makers 'til we came along.


Different day... it's now 16 AUG 11, and Rob has a girl friend.
Her name's Bernice.

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