Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Poem : Wine, Rocking Chair, Gray Cloudy Day

Wine - Rocking Chair - Gray, Cloudy Day

hold the thought
link arms with the ghost
and seize
that votive memory
then S q u e e e z e
'til the juices run
dripping onto your tongue
taste it
feel it drip-drip-drip
soak it in
let it flow
test your strength
Hold The Thought
if you can
if you can can
just grasp can just hold
can just please be allowed
to recall what
once was once
no..o..o... oh... oh
feel it slip, feel it slide
feel it slither
going, gone, Gone!
and you...
you thought you
could just touch
really reach back to touch
really taste, really smell
really feel
what once was once
to hold, yours to love
once, to hold and to love
long ago... Ha!
- J.M. Welsh

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