Wednesday, July 13, 2011

05 APR 09

Why do I play drums?
Especially now, in late middle age... I mean, really?
This perplexes my wife to no end.
My normal weeknight bed time is 10:00.
I do tend to tire easily (My heart doesn't pump as well as it should).
Yet, I'm willing to stay out late on the nights of practice or gigs...
sometimes I don't get home 'til after 2:00 A.M.
And I do pay for it the next day.
I'll feel hung over... though I don't drink much anymore.
(Usually one Sam Adams on gig nights.)
The answer is simple, really... I play because I can.
Playing music adds to my sense of worth.
And feeling worthy is something all people need...
It's especially important as one ages...
as strength ebbs, as infirmities creep in.
PLUS... It's what I can give back to community.
I can give ENJOYMENT.
And that's an intangible that's difficult to quantify...
can' t put your finger on it but you recognize it when you see (feel) it.
And I see it each and every time I watch folks dance to the music I'm
helping to create. I see it when I look out on an audience of wheelchair-
bound seniors who start tapping their feet and singing along when we
(The Dukes And Dutchess) are into the standards.
Plus there's this intangible... each day I feel myself improving.
Every day I can play a faster, smoother paradiddle, every day I can hear the beginning of a really fine, smooth roll. And I'm pleased with myself.
(Having your young granddaughter watch you with wide eyes helps too.)
Now all I have to do is get my feet to cooperate.

That's it for today.
Feel free to comment.

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