Sunday, July 31, 2011

31 JUL 11

I read that the comic, George Lopez, threatened to move to Canada if Sarah Palen were to be elected to the presidency. Have no fear... he won't leave. Such people are too addicted to the Hollywood teat to stray very far. (And comedy doesn't travel well.)
Back during the 2004 election the actor, Alec Baldwin, promised the very same thing if George W. Bush won. Well... Bush won and Alec never left us.
He's still here... more's the pity.
I do find it interesting that "Chicano" Lopez chose Canada, vice Mexico, as a safe retreat.

(By the way, George, you're free to leave NOW if you've a mind to. This isn't the DDR.)

More later -

 Went to see a grandson perform in a summer-camp production of Anything Goes.
It was enjoyable. The singing was great. The acting... wanted some.
Watching, I was again reminded of the difference between professional
and amateur performers... especially with the dance routines.
At least my grandson enjoys himself. He loves theater and will be attending
the CT Regional Center For The Arts this coming school year. 

Regional Center For The Arts


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