Thursday, July 14, 2011

23 JUL 10

Once upon a time. . .
I belonged to a band that played for thousands (or so it seemed). . .
No shit!
At the 1975 German/American Volksfest,
the band, "Arkenstone," played for a HUGE audience.
I remember the night. . .
walking onto the stage. . . gazing out. . .

Walked on stage and gulped. . .
an outdoor stage.
The entire open square in front of the stage was packed,
with the crowd backing up far into the carnival aisles on three sides.
I wore a "puffy shirt". . .
had filled my water bottle with JD & ice. . .
never had played for such a large crowd before,
but muddled through. . .
The female singer couldn't. . .
she had a case of near-terminal "stage fright."
She was reduced to just banging the tambourine.

In truth, there were three untried members playing on this night.
Myself, the rhythm guitar player and the female singer.
The original drummer broke his wrist the day before.
The original guitar player's unit went to the field and
took him along. The singer was added in order to
dress-up the band's look. She had an impeccable
music background but had never performed in public.

From the local military newspaper, The Berlin Observer:

Arkenstone recording: (Recorded on a 10 " reel-to-reel by a band member's friend.
This is one half of one song... and I have no idea where the rest of recording is.)

It's all just minor history now.

Ron Romano on Lead Guitar
Matt Kraut, Vocals


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