Wednesday, July 13, 2011

30 JUN 09

The Midnight Blues played the 121 Restaurant gig on the 26th.
It went well. There were some minor problems but they were of no consequence.
The place was PACKED (!) when we arrived.
We had to double-park the cars, unload, then find parking somewhere down the road.
We weren't to go on 'til 9:00, so we piled the equipment under some stairs and had a drink. Our "stage" was a corner of the bar room and it was small. I used my Rogers Holiday set, as it actually had the smallest footprint of any set I owned. No ride stand, only one crash. I opted to play my Acrolite snare. It has a nice pop and the Powertone was too much in the small room. The Ludwig sounded great, especially when hit with the rods. We were under strict instructions to keep the volume down.

At first we were ignored.

Then there were some heads bobbing.

Then some chair dancing.

Finally... couples began dancing for real... begun, always, at the woman's insistance.

As I said, it went well for us. There was a guy there who is producing a "Homegrown Music Festival," in Portland ME. He liked us and took down our particulars, with a promise to call.

My small corner of the "stage."

The Midnight Blues... as a trio. We're soon to become a quartet.

Not sure but I think we're playing the song, "Johnny" here.
I just thump the bass on the "One" count for the first several bars.


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