Thursday, July 14, 2011

07 JUL 10

Another 98+ degree day.
Another day spent inside.

Today is Ringo Starr's 70th birthday.
I never much cared for him as a drummer.
When the Beatles first appeared on the American stage,
me and a thousand other drummers were instantly
jealous... and put out. We were all better drummers,
doncha know.
We learned... talent, often, has nothing much to do with pop music.

The first time I heard of the Beatles was in 1962.
It was on The Tonight Show with Jack Paar.
I was dating a girl named Linda.
This one Friday night we came home, to her house, from the movies
and found her parents awake, watching TV... The Tonight Show.
Paar liked to sometimes show his home-movies on the air.
That night he was showing movies of his recent family vacation in England.
One segment shown was of this one POPULAR band called, "The Beatles."
Comments were made about the length of their shaggy hair,
their "Mod" clothes and their music.
After watching awhile, I opined (with my 15 years of life experience) that
they could NEVER make it here, in this country.
Oh, well...


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