Wednesday, July 13, 2011

21 JUN 09

Fathers Day today.
A quiet Sunday in suburbia.
I spent the day trying to pot my annuals outside.
Was forced to plant between showers... a very wet day.

Nature... opened a new bag of potting soil. (Bought last Fall.)
There was a hole chewed through the plastic bag.
Inside was a mouse burrow made from lint and fuzz and fur... no mice.
Last year, I'd dumped a small bag of potting soil into a large pot, not seeing
the family of mice who'd been holed up in there. A short time later, I was
startled by the sight of six young, gray, mice scrabbling out of the pot I'd just filled.
I imagine that a burrow dug inside a bag of potting soil that is stored in a tool shed
makes a better home than a hole dug in the ground... fewer predators with access, anyway.


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