Wednesday, July 13, 2011

16 AUG 09

The room was
air conditioned.
Under the covers
was warm.
Enjoyed the feeling.
Rolled over...
bladder full,
wouldn't be ignored.
Out of the bed...
Feet hurt.
Shuffled down the hallway
to the bathroom,
then on to the kitchen
for my morning meds,
which includes Lasix.
(For the edema)
Still sleepy.
Into the living room,
to lie down on sofa...
drifted off.
Slept again.
Opened my eyes.
9:00 AM.
The toilet first!
(The Lasix does work.)
... then into the kitchen.
This time
for morning tea.
Another day begun.
Growing old
sometimes sucks
but the alternative
... y 'know,
sucks even more.


Often, when I begin to feel old
I'll play something like this:

Ella, at 66, swinging in Japan. [1983]

After watching her, who can feel bad.



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