Wednesday, July 13, 2011

07 SEP 09

Had a dream last night.
I'm sure that I have dreams every night but I usually don't remember them.
Last night's dream stayed with me upon awakening, however.

I was on a train... going where (?) I don't know.
(It seemed I was traveling in some foreign land.)
The train was crowded... aisles full... I was getting cramped in my seat.
The train pulled into a station and stopped.
We were in a large city.
I decided to stretch my legs on the platform.
Exited the railcar and walked about some... the train pulled out without me.
I found myself stranded...
in a place unknown...
not speaking the language.
(Have had this actually happen to me a time or two.)
Left the station and began looking for help.
After some time futilely asking, I rounded a corner...
to find myself amid a crowd of people...
all of whom were applauding President Obama...
who was giving a speech.
I approached his entourage and tapped some man on the shoulder,
he turned and growled, "What do YOU want?"
"Directions," said I.
"Just looking for some direction from the president."
"Go away." he replied.
"There's no help for you here."

Then I woke up.

If dreams truly are the brain's method of codifying and sorting the day's lessons,
then this would be my Libertarian Self at work, reinforcing my core beliefs...
that minimal government interference is the best option in a free society.



Later in the day:

"There's a disturbance in the Force..."

Went downstairs to take out the trash... passing through the family room, I noticed a bad odor coming from the downstairs toilet. It was overflowing! The half-bath was awash in toilet water and (gunk). Called the plumber, who had the temerity to ask if it was an emergency!

Lesson learned:
The "ordinary" often has more power to direct the course of one's day than the "extraordinary" might ever have.

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