Wednesday, July 13, 2011

25 JUN 09

Michael Jackson died today...
Farrah Fawcett too.
Along with Ed McMahon, that makes the three.
Seems to be that celebrities ALWAYS die in clusters of three.

Something I once read:
"It's better to be eaten by lions than nibbled to death by ducks."
Seems a lion took Jackson while Farrah fell prey to the ducks.
I think Jackson was the more fortunate of the two. For him, it was quick.
As for Ed McMahon... he was merely old.
It was his time.


Tomorrow night's a good gig.
The Midnight Blues is playing the 121 Restaurant in North Salem, NY.
This is a classy place. It's been written up in the NY Times.
We play the bar, not the big room.
I think we're an experiment by the owner. Just hope we don't eff it up.
It could develop into a steady gig. We have use of a small corner of the bar for our stage,
so I gotta bring the small kit and leave home a couple of cymbals and toms.
That's OK, as I like playing the small kit... I can reach everything without stretching.


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