Thursday, July 14, 2011

08 FEB 10

Been awhile.
My health is slowly improving.
My new defibrillator is also "pacing" my heart and the setting
for the time-span between upper and lower chamber squeeze was too long.
This allowed fluid to accumulate in my lungs... which would
wake me at 3 AM, or so... I'd be short of breath and panting.
Sitting upright for 15 minutes would correct the problem but
I'd have to spend the rest of the night sleeping in my recliner.
When I told the cardiologist about this, he had me come in for
a "tune-up."
He set up a laptop computer, then waved a wand over the implant until
the thing was "talking" to the computer, wirelessly.
Then he proceded to fine-tune the interval between chamber squeezes,
shortening the interval. I felt nothing... at the time.
On the way home I became ill... tingling in my left arm, weakness, a "zinging"
sensation throughout my left chest area and faintness.
It passed... and I've not been bothered since.

I'm getting stronger and looking forward to playing drums again.
As of now, all my instruments are packed away in cases or sitting
on shelves downstairs. The big deterrent to me playing is only the
process of unpacking and setting up.

Watched the Super Bowl yesterday.
The "right" team won... although my money was on the Colts.
(My money was on the Colts back in '69 too!)
Half-Time... "The Who" should've stayed home. I've heard better
renditions in the local bars. Can't believe they were paid big bucks
for that performance. (Should've been the other way around... them
paying to be heard again on TV.)

Oh well... guess I'm turning into a real curmudgeon.


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