Thursday, July 14, 2011

23 AUG 10

A gray and wet day today.
Not as bad as the 3 inches of rain that fell yesterday. . .
but uninspiring none the less.

I'm not playing.
And with each passing day, I feel the urge to play diminish.
I know that I just don't have the stamina anymore. . .
the mere thought of trying to plough through an up-tempo rock song
tires me out. . . so I'm letting it go. . . consciously.
Congestive heart failure. . . it does that to you.
I have even stopped looking at drums on e-Bay.

A haiku I found in the book, "The Me Nobody Knows," explains how I feel, exactly:

"The sailor watches
His lost boat -- quietly it
Slips from rock to sea."
- JB -

JB was listed as being 14 years old when the book was published in 1969.
JB would be mid-fifties today.
I hope he/she reacquired whatever it was that being lost back then.

As for me. . . I'll have to find another avenue for any artistic inclinations
I may have.


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