Wednesday, July 13, 2011

05 MAY 09

Blogging time again...
Of what shall I write?
No! No!
My take on politics, in general, is reflected in a poem I once wrote:

This poem was written after watching Senator Kennedy on one of those Sunday morning talk shows... he was asked a question which required a simple yes/no answer and he then proceeded to babbled on, talking much while saying nothing until, at some point, the actual question was forgotten.
Plus, I once served with an old-time sergeant who's previous assignment had been at the White House. One of his main duties was to sweep the briefing room for bugs each morning.
He told me that because of what he learned, while serving there, he'd never publicly criticize a sitting president again. "The things that man has to deal with before breakfast... Oh, My!"

More later.

It's later, now.
And a friend of mine sent me this link and I'm gonna post it here.

"Below is a link to one of the best pieces of sound engineering work I think I have ever seen.
It is a composite audio/video of song whereby additional tracks
were laid in by different singers and musicians from different places
around the world.
The finished product is tremendous!
The song itself is that classic standard, "Stand By Me," originally
released in 1955 by The Staple Singers and released again in 1961 by
The Drifters.
This composite version is a real toe-tapper.

So turn up the speaker volume and...

Enjoy! "

If this hasn't put a smile on your face and made you move your feet, then you'd better be checking your pulse to see if you're still alive.


Random thoughts:

Down the road from here lives a family friend.
For many years she and my wife worked in the same office.
Her oldest son lives in Alaska.
Have you ever watched the Discovery Channel show, "Deadliest Catch?"
THAT'S what he does for a living... did for a living.
Twenty years, working the boats out of Dutch Harbor. A hard life.
There was always the fear that there'd be a telegram, one day, bringing news of him being lost at sea.
Instead, there was a phone call from his girl friend...

to say that he'd died of a stroke...

in the living room of their apartment...

while watching TV.

The lesson here... live life as if there is no tomorrow.
And always tell your mom that you love her too.


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