Wednesday, July 13, 2011

06 AUG 09

August... the "dog days" of Summer.
Not around here... not yet.
We seem to have jacked Seattle's weather this year.
Been cool and wet here all summer long.

Why am I blogging??
I suppose that I'm like a lot of old men... garrulous.
BUT.. . with no real audience at hand.
And old men, growing older, with no one to heed their words or
accept, as gospel, their pearls of wisdom grow slightly mad... IMOHO.
(There! Take that, you young wippersnappers!)
The grandchildren all live an hour from here... in three of the four
cardinal compass points so we only get together every two or three

I wrote that I also do some playing with a small swing group that entertains in nursing homes and hospitals,
'The Dukes And Dutchess Swing Ensemble.'"
Well, lately, I've played five times as many gigs with the Dukes than I have with my other band, The Midnight Blues.
The old "Standards"... everybody who hears them loves them still.
And... I seem to have some small talent for playing them well.
We're planning on producing a demo CD in the near future, so I'll
be able to post a song, or two, soon.
Right now, we're trying to choose just three songs from out of a three-hundred-song book to play for the demo. Just try getting seven people to agree on which songs to use (herding cats).


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