Thursday, July 14, 2011

04 JUL 10

Independence Day!
... Wedding anniversary too.
Spent the day inside, in the air conditioning.
The temperature, on my back deck at 2 P.M., was 98 degrees.
Can't handle that kinda heat anymore.

A Pet Peeve:
There's a new action movie coming out in a few days... "Predators."
The story line has several "most dangerous humans" transported to
the alien "Predator" planet to be hunted as game.
They are equipped with the Earth's latest weapons.
One fellow humps around a six-barreled Vulcan type gun.
Do the dipshits in Hollywood ever pay attention to "FACTS??"
This gun fires at around 4000 rounds per minute.
Four thousand 7.62mm rounds would weigh in at 90 pounds.
What sane soldier is gonna hump 90 pounds for 1 minute of fire power??
(If the thing fires 5.56mm ammo then the weight would be reduced... but still prohibitive.)
Also, belt-fed weapons are normally crew-served... extra hands to keep the ammo feeding the weapon correctly. Maintaining a high rate of fire is what's important with these weapons.
It's the only reason they exist.

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