Thursday, July 14, 2011

08 SEP 09

Just a few short years ago, the following string of words and letters would have been unintelligble to all but the ubergeeks among us:

"LG has the only LCD TV to be THX certified."

Lord help me... I know what it means.
(At least in general terms)


New Topic

From another blog:

A man has died a natural death after a long illness.
His widow is sitting with her nephew, reminiscing.
In the course of the conversation, she says this:

"you know...... in this life there are those who love us....... and there are those who know us........ and there are those who want to know us, and those who want to love us...... but I will forever wonder exactly which combination of all of those factors is to be most sought after........."

I'm forever amazed by the depth of perception in ordinary people.


'Nother Topic

Been watching "America's Got Talent."
Watched the "Recycled Percussion" (?) group perform.
Don't know...
My belief is that drums are to be played in rhythmic repetition.
Drums augment the music, define the beat. Drums accent musical changes.
Drums are not an end in themselves... they should be played in concert with
other musicians.
Don't think I would vote for this percussion group.


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